The perception of your brand visitors to your web site directly affects the economic performance of your business. Therefore it is vital that your web presence is clean, effective and designed to satisfy their customers.

Get it depends largely on how you do things. In our case, we believe that the success of the projects on the Internet depends on a correct and intelligent project management. Our methodology is organized into the following three phases:

  • Analysis
    Because you can not start the cart before the horse, it is necessary to start any major project analyzing where your company today, clearly define where you want to be in the future, and decide what the best plan of action to walk the path that leads from one point to another.
  • Deployment
    Consulting is synonymous with intelligence applied to business problems. On the Internet, applying intelligence to solve business problems (increase sales, improve brand image, provide a new product, etc.) implies control over all times, otherwise it is very easy for a huge communication effort is not even heard. So choose the right time to perform each of the actions planned is key to achieving optimum results even more modest campaigns.
  • Monetization
    The presence of your online business can not, and should not, be irrelevant. The cost of that web presence should be less than the direct and indirect benefits that brings. It is therefore imperative to have the work of professionals to help you know what the return on investment in digital services and what you can do to fire their direct and indirect income resulting from their actions on the Internet.

Trust NEX to raise, coordinate and measure the results of their web project means relying on a consistent methodology, based on what we know and learn every day, and not on what we think we know.

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