Analysis and Strategy

Since you want to know what are you going to achieve before any action is performed, upon any collaboration petition we recieve, our working methodology demands us to elaborate a complete situational analysis of the product, the brand or the company which needs this action.

“Because before any action you may want to know what you will be achieving.”

Our consultants, with over ten years of experience in business applications, e-commerce and internet marketing, can quickly determine what are the essential keys for a successfull strategy in internet, raising the objectives that can be achieved, and showing which are the alternatives to achieve the primary goals.

For this analysis we develop the valuable information that only people in the company, your company, can provide. Furthermore, we also support Web analytic tools and environmental analysis.

Knowing your exact position in the market, you will be able to take decisions judiciously and bet on ambitious goals that are only achievable in time and budget. NEX can also advise you with alternative routes on your journey to the success in Internet, developing alongside a detailed and manageable action plan.

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