Web analytics

Your online presence provides you with a extremely huge amount of data about what your web visitors do in your website that simply you cannot ignore. With the popularisation of blogs and social networks, this volume of information has increased even more, and thus the need to analyze that data as better as possible, separating the wheat from the chaff.

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“Measure, analyze and extract useful knowledge from the data is essential.”

Web Analytics, why?

Web analytics is used to analyze all this wealth of information with the purpose of extracting useful knowledge from it. But this is not an easy task: it requires a deep knowledge of your own brand and the market you compete in. And also demands the better ability possible to relate all that business data with the purely technical data of web visitors activity in order to discriminate the relevant information from what is not.

In short, Web analytics is essential because it is the foundation on which to build any profitable strategy in the Internet, whether it is to launch an advertising campaign, an online store or taking advantage of the reputation on social networks to improve business performance.

The work of web analytics consultants

Our team of web analytics consultants is to dissect the traffic data of your website or blog, data that probably you are already gathering right now, even unknowingly. We use tools and specific applications to measure the results of your web presence in every channel, including your actions in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

One of our team’s strong points in comparison to other companies is our combination of business and technology to get the most of the traffic data analysed to produce a concrete action proposal you can immediately apply to your website, blog or social accounts.

So, is not really easy to work with us?

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