PPC Advertising

Search engine marketing is a form of advertising that has to do with short text ads that appear on the right or on the results that search engines offer users when words that have been used to write your search are directly related to the words employed by the advertising companies.

“We guarantee positive results even with smaller budgets.

What is a PPC advertising campaign

Unlike display ad campaigns (banners, videos), in a PPC advertising campaign on Google AdWords, for example, the cost does not come from ad impressions, which are free, but users clicks the browser made on the ad. For this reason it is also called PPC (pay per click).

Today this form of advertising is the most widespread and profitable Internet, either in search engines or, increasingly implementation in the form of text or image ads on YouTube or Facebook.

PPC Advertising with Nex Software and Services

The full service consultancy offering PPC advertising from NEX includes support for the selection of words and phrases that will cause the text ad impression, through the recruitment campaign in Google Adwords and finally, the analytical monitoring the results of the campaign, essential to make adjustments on the fly to keep your budget to a minimum without penalizing the effectiveness of the campaign.

Also we offer full design landing pages (landing page) for each ad, so that people who have been attracted by your ad does not get lost on the way and become, in the highest possible number in your customers.

With experience of more than four years in PPC advertising, our team guarantees you excellent results even with small budgets.

Furthermore, since the year 2012 we offer a cash discount of 5% (ie 5% will pay less if you pay your bill within 30 days) and a payment plan comfortable and flexible, is not really easy to work with us?

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