Internet sales channel is increasingly important for companies, even the smallest. Thanks to having a permanent opening hours, to reach anywhere in the world and, at the same time, the prospect closer and have a much lower cost than conventional stores, the store can be an ally powerful to increase sales, diversification and internationalization of your business.

tiendas virtuales

An online store is essential even for smaller companies.

Virtual catalogs, shopping cart, virtual POS payment through, PayPal or similar electronic payment systems, virtual billing, sale or lease of services, are some of the features that provide e-commerce developments that NEX offers.

Furthermore, we are also experts in the integration of virtual stores by e-commerce modules in WordPress, ideal when developing a website using the WordPress CMS and want to incorporate within it a virtual store.

And if all you need is keep your shop with a complete management application with which you manage your billing, your shop or your inventory management, so we offer a complete development platform based on Symfony.

Furthermore, since the year 2012 we offer a cash discount of 5% (ie 5% will pay less if you pay your bill within 30 days) and a payment plan comfortable and flexible, why not work with us?

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