WordPress development

Because there is no point reinventing the wheel every time we go to use the car, often no need to use a web development to create an entire website or a single web to support the temporary release of a new product. On these occasions is when should take advantage of a content management system, so we will offer a service of WordPress development.

desarrollo WordPress

WordPress allows you to do more with less.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, ie, a software tool designed to create and manage the contents of any kind, whether text, images, videos, links, etc.., And publication on web pages quickly and easy.

WordPress makes available to any Internet user through the update at your convenience the contents of your website as often as it sees fit. In fact, it is sufficiently simple that only expert users needed for installation and configuration.

There are many content management systems, among which WordPress for having the largest user community in the world, thanks to which offers plenty of utilities for easy deployment on any website, keeps up for security and functionality and to adapt to the evolution of the website built with it.

With WordPress you can implement almost any web design in less time, which not only reduces the overall costs of the project but also allow you the fastest possible implementation of your business idea online. WordPress also has a huge library of additional modules that allow you to add (or remove) almost immediately any new functionality you need.

WordPress development with Nex Software and Services

NEX has three years experience in all types of projects based on WordPress, developed from templates designs without designers themselves or others, and including the implementation of e-commerce modules, shipping products from the online store, apartments , among others. We can help you install WordPress and teach you how to use it for yourself.

Furthermore, since the year 2012 we offer a cash discount of 5% (ie 5% will pay less if you pay your bill within 30 days) and a payment plan comfortable and flexible, why not work with us?

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